In Studio With: Bryce Hammond

November 06, 2020

In honor of his current show Second Chance; we reached out to Bryce Hammond for a look into his personal life, from his work to where he can be found when he visits us in Atlanta. 

Suzanne Kasler Creates a Family's Ideal Home in Their Favorite Place

August 14, 2020

Meaningful materials give the newly-built family getaway a passed-down-through-generations feel.

Creating Art in Isolation: Katarina Janeckova Walse

July 30, 2020

The lockdown has presented us all with significant time in isolation in contained spaces. Many of us have had to change our routines and our daily rituals, the way we do the things we love and how we work. As much as one can feel solitude during quarantine, the fact of the matter is that we have all been alone together in this new normal.

5 Black Creatives Who Helped Shape American Art, Architecture, and Design

June 23, 2020

Black creatives have long been influencing American art, design, and culture with their talent, ingenuity, and unique perspectives. Unfortunately, so many Black artists, architects, and designers have been silenced or exploited because of the color of their skin for most—or even the entirety—of their careers. Our nation has missed out on the opportunity to know and celebrate their skills. And that needs to change. We asked Fabiola Jean-Louis, an interdisciplinary artist, and Michael Henry Adams, a historian and author, about Black creatives the world needs to know.

In Studio With: Zachari Logan

February 20, 2020

Canadian mixed media artist Zachari Logan expands on his gravitation to the arts, his tireless work ethic, and how he forms his mindscapes. His current solo exhibition at Alan Avery Art Company (ending March 21st) has brought many intricate pieces that viewers and collectors alike can't get enough of!

In Studio With: Bob Landstrom

November 14, 2019

Bob Landstrom is without a doubt, a skilled craftsman. But, what truly makes him unique is his use of pigmented volcanic rock as the base for all of his paintings. That, combined with his extensive background in engineering, fascination with glyphs and language, and extensive imagination.

National Gallery of Canada: Zachari Logan and the Art of Drawing

September 27, 2019

Logan remains devoted to his roots in central Canada, despite the fact that his practice now takes him regularly to other places, including Montreal, Edmonton and New York, as well as London, Vienna and Milan. Often traveling to install his works, give talks and undertake research in these cities, he continues to draw inspiration from his hometown and, even if obscurely, to incorporate its flora and fauna into his work. 

In Studio With: Darien A-Johnson

August 14, 2019

Have you ever become hyper-aware of the subjectivity of your own memories? Can a photo truly capture an experience? How reliant are we on technology as a source of nostalgia? In this metaphysical interview, Darien A-Johnson expands on the epiphany that led to his current work, how living in Denmark changed his worldview, and the story of how he met his wife.

In Studio With: Margaret Bowland

July 09, 2019

Known for her hauntingly beautiful portraits, Margaret Bowland opens up about her childhood, experiences in the art education system, and symbolism behind her paintings. She currently teaches at the New York Academy of Art as a painting instructor, and is largely influenced by the artistic and literary masters of the past, such as James Baldwin, Diego Velazquez, and Johannes Vermeer.

In Studio With: Michi Meko

May 07, 2019

This month, we chat with Alabama-raised, Atlanta-based artist Michi Meko about his narrative, inspiration, and belief systems. His powerful concepts and symbolism yield dark and intriguing pieces that coax the viewer to look both inside and out.   

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