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In Studio With Michael Childers

Updated: Apr 30

Have you ever wondered about arbitrary characteristics of an artist? Experiences or traits that may be overlooked by their presumed intellectuality (or lack-there-of). Well, we have too. That's why we've decided to begin a new segment titled In Studio With where we take a behind the scenes look at an artist. Each month, Alan Avery Art Company will choose one of our represented artists to answer ten unconventional questions. 


For our inaugural debut, we chose a photographer who has captured the likes of Andy Warhol, David Hockney, Carrie Fisher, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mel Gibson, Clint Eastwood, Elton John, Bette Midler, Tennessee get the point. But the resume of an artist isn't everything. So, check out the Q&A below for our first In Studio With featuring Michael Childers (and spoiler alert: this guy is awesome).


1.  Are you an introvert or extrovert?


MC: I consider myself an extrovert.

2. Do you collect anything?

MC: Art deco objects and vintage photographs.

3. What are your guilty pleasures?


MC: Chocolate and reading travel magazines.​

4. If you were Thomas Crown, what piece would you steal?


MC: Anything with emeralds.

5. What is the craziest thing you've done in a hotel room?


MC: Give me a break! Unfit to print.


6. How did attending UCLA affect you as an artist?


MC: Its where I began my career in art and photography, and where I met so many extraordinary people who would be interwoven throughout my life, such as songwriters, singers, and actors.

7. What is your favorite coffee table book?


8. If you could give your ten-year-old-self advice, what would it be? 

MC: Concentrate more and reach for the stars. Keep the dream going.​​

9. What photograph are you most proud of?

MC: Andy in Fur and David Hockney in the raft in the pool.

10. Do you have any advice for young photographers?

MC: Study accounting and economics (lol). And don’t worry about

technique, just concentrate on creating a unique vision. As Diana

Vreeland once said to young photographers, “Astonish me!

Amaze me! Don’t give me a beautiful photograph, give me something

that will blow my mind.”

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