Katarina Janeckova Walshe resides in Corpus Christi, Texas, a location much different from her upbringing in East-Central Europe. Rather than dismissing this cultural contrast, Walshe delved into an ongoing exploration of understanding, submerging herself into austere subcultures like the Western cowboy lifestyle and bodybuilding. Additionally, the artist addresses Americanized roles of women from motherhood to domestication with trope illustrations that parody the responsibilities assigned to them based on gender.

The title, Rule of Touch and Move, refers to the touch-move rule of chess; when a piece is deliberately touched, it must then be moved before the match can continue. Walshe applies this principle to the actions of our own volition – the imminent cause and effect of each decision we make. Continually approaching the boundaries we often fear, analyzing actions and accountability as she paints methodically and impulsively, breaking into the most veiled parts of the psyche to broaden our knowledge of how each move, be it spontaneous or deliberate, will lend us both consequences and vital lessons.

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