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In Studio With Bryce Hammond

Covid has given everyone a little more time in the studio. What’s on your playlist when you’re creating new work these days?

Music: Stone Roses radio, Early-Mid 90’s Manchester rock, Café del Mar Live Stream from Ibiza

Podcasts: Crime Junkie, Ridiculous History, True Crime Obsessed, Disgraceland, Rivals, 27 Club, Dear Young Rocker

What is one of the craziest things you saw living in New York?

Tim Burton on the 2 train looking over merchandise samples for Mars Attacks.

Crazier: I was with a downtown graffiti crew up on a roof, another crew came up, guns were pulled, maybe 3 or 4 on both sides. I just picked up our giant duffle of cans and just moseyed on down the fire escape. I’m not sure what happened after I left.

Do you sketch in your free time?

Not really but I do keep exhibition planning books with notes, photos and content ideas.

Can you show us what some of those look like?

You get to invite any artist over for dinner, living or dead, who is it and what are you making?

Jean Michel Basquiat. I’m not cooking, but I will pick up pierogi’s for us from The Kiev on Second Ave. After dinner, we will go see Run DMC.

Drink of choice?

Grey Goose up and dirty, olives and a side of hot sauce.

What’s the strangest compliment someone has said about your work?

Some guy after the opening of the Second Chance said to me,”I think the monkey paintings are a good direction to go in. The rest of the work is shit.”

What’s on your bedside table right now?

A small framed play poster for An American in Paris.

What’s the weirdest odd job you ever worked?

I dressed up as a beeper and handed out flyers for an electronic store on Canal Street.

What’s your favorite haunt when you visit Atlanta? 

I like Midtown Tavern. In the old days, Velvet and Club Kaya.

Two truths and a lie?

I am a Public School Art Teacher, I lived homeless for two years, I hate making art.

Would you rather have all of your Google searches or all of the photos on your phone made public ?

Photos on my phone.

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