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In Studio With Jennifer JL Jones

Updated: Apr 30

Where are you from?

Originally from a tiny town called Oak Grove, Virginia

(very close to Washington’s Birthplace).

Our family later moved to Merritt Island, Florida when I was 10 and after I was 18, I moved to Rhode Island and then Chicago to go to college.

What is something about you that most people don’t know?

Pretty sure nobody knows that when I was 19... I considered shaving my head, moving out of the U.S. and wanted to become a monk. 

What is the craziest thing you have done in a hotel room?

I was nearly kidnapped from my hotel when I was traveling by myself in Costa Rica, so I’d say that tops that list! 

How did college affect you as an artist?

It completely broke me out of my ideas of limitation… I was encouraged to challenge boundaries and find my voice. It exposed me to incredible courses taught by professors with years of valuable knowledge and experiences to pass on… not only through  educating me with academics, but I was able to have access to incredible facilities and classes in painting, drawing, print. making, sculpture, film, video, collage, photography, performance art, fiber art, ceramics, etc. Not only did I have the foundation, but I was  offered an education living in a city like Chicago and being exposed to fascinating architecture, museums, lectures, and so many different people. I’m sure it shaped me in ways I’ll always be discovering. 

Who is your favorite artist?

Hieronymus Bosch.

Do you believe in ghosts? 

I didn’t until I actually saw one for myself when

I was in Italy years ago! Thankfully it was a very

positive experience and not scary.

Many people ask about your technique. Oil or acrylic?

Both! It really depends on what I’m going for on a particular painting… often I will start with acrylic and finish with oil. 

 Do you believe originality exists? 

Absolutely. I think it can be quite a challenge, but it does happen and it exists. 

What was your favorite art opening?

My art show in Paris. It was a thrilling experience, I met extremely warm people who were like gold and in the middle of the show the Parisians were recommending I go barefoot in the gallery, to make myself as comfortable as possible. So I did as was suggested. I sold a painting that night and bonded with others at that opening I still keep in touch with. 

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