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In Studio With Sharon Weiner

Updated: Apr 30

Sharon Weiner, In a Flash, 44''x44'', Acrylic on canvas.

I read that you're from a family of psychoanalysts. How has this molded your artistic process?

My painting is about my experience of reality and trying to make sense of it and the world.  Much of my understanding of all this has come through my experience with holistic psychoanalysis. It uses dreams to access the unconscious and teach us how we are i imprinted in utero by our mother’s unconscious mind and how that impacts us our whole lives.  My husband and daughter practice this kind of work.  Its always been a huge part of our lives. ​

What do you do when you're not creating?

When I’m not working, which isn’t very often,  I try to exercise with my new pup and I also take long drives north along the coast to see the part of my family that lives a couple hours away.

Who is your favorite musician?

I don’t have a favorite musician at this time-my taste is extremely eclectic. Recently I've listened to the Black Keys, Chemical Brothers, Jessica Pratt, Lissie, Zero 7, Mozart, and Vivaldi. 

What is a piece of art that inspired you and why?

Many years ago I was traveling  in Italy.   I had been on a tour bus all day and was sick with a cold.  After many stops we finally reached our destination which was the Scrovegni (Arena) Chapel by Giotto in Padua.  At the time I wasn’t that familiar with it.  I didn’t want to get out and look around, feeling so sick and burnt.   But fortunately I did.  I felt like I had never seen anything quite as striking and  beautiful.   I’ll never forgot how transporting and moving it was to see it.

Where's your favorite place?

I’ve always felt a special connection to Italy since first visiting in the 90’s.

What's your drink of choice?


Are your paintings representational?

I don’t think I would call my paintings representational but I often have specific images in mind influencing me when I’m making them. I often think about nature-flowers, ocean, etc. when I work.   It's a more general or feeling thing- not like I'm trying to depict flowers or the ocean.

If you could collaborate with another artist, who would it be and why?

My favorite artists are always changing but I currently love the work of Julie Mehretu. She makes very dynamic beautiful densely layered large scale paintings.  I’d love to watch her process.

What was a pivotal moment in your life?

The births of my daughters.




Tuesday-Saturday: 10am - 5pm

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