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Resides in Duluth, GA

He studied at the Educational Center for the Arts, New Haven, CT, and the University of Hartford Art School, Hartford, CT. From 1997-2001 Morgan studied with artist/Professor Richard Harden. His work has been exhibited for over the past decade throughout the U.S. Morgan's recent body of work explores the dichotomy between high-energy nightlife and a time of broad and introspective contemplation. Since 2006, he has been painting night landscapes of cities such as Atlanta, GA, Charlotte, NC, Los Angeles, CA, and Seoul, Korea.

As the city's nightlife shifts into full gear, it conducts a speeding electricity and exposes the ones responsible for it. There is something eerily beautiful about human figures and vehicles in movement, amidst the darkness of night. They are transformed, visually translated into apparitions of themselves moving through the blackness, made visible by the mixture of light sources and their reflections.

Night Series No. 97, oil on canvas, 10 x 10


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