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Current Exhibition

Gwen Gunter 

What If ?

May 10th-August 24th 

What If.jpg

Gwen Gunter’s work encompasses both fine and commercial art. She has worked as a graphic artist, illustrator, photographer, and is a successful entrepreneur. Currently, she is based in Atlanta and devotes her time to creating organic geometric paintings featuring irregular shapes animated by lines and bright colors. These shapes interact like living characters who are throwing a party or having an intense conversation; overlapping, connecting, and repelling one another. Her painting process is both whimsical and deliberate, allowing the shapes to fall harmoniously into their role on the painted surface.


Gwen says this exhibition, WHAT IF ? is informed by an expanded experience of possibility. The creative process is full of innovative ideas that often remain hidden until the barriers that prevent them from coming to light are removed. By adopting the mindset of “what if”, we can open ourselves up to a world of possibilities that lie beyond what we already know. This mindset encourages us to take risks and create something new and unexpected. The shapes that are central to her practice emerged when she began to explore the concept

of simplicity in form. These forms sometimes stand alone, and at other times are grouped together in configurations that reflect the many faces of possibility itself. The vibrant colors that are used in the exhibition reflect the excitement of following a new and unanticipated direction, which has become both meditative and intentional in the exploration.


Gwen is a resident of Grayson Georgia.


Gunter earned a B.A. from Columbia college with further study at Atlanta College of Art and Savannah College of Art and Design(Atlanta).


The exhibition at ALAN AVERY ART COMPANY runs from May 10th – August 24th, 2024

Gunter, Gwen, What If...,Acrylic on canvas,96 x 48 in.



TEL (404) 237 0370

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