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Are you an introvert, or extrovert?

"Definitely a social introvert. Just as a bartender works with the public but is separated from them, I would say that I like people, I like to be involved, I like to watch others as well as be seen, but having a protection zone helps me to control the time, the energy flow and accentuate my perspective to better analize situations. I always thought that being a good observer is essential. It seems that when I am alone creating in the studio, with honesty, depth and am unrestrained, this seems more related to the life of an introvert. However, when presenting this same art in a public show, this is outward expression therefore a form of extroversion. I am not sure artists can be categorized as one or the other."


New Mexico is known for it’s fantastic landscapes. Would you consider yourself to be outdoorsy?

"More than outdoorsy. The weather report determines my schedule. Everything I engage in is influenced by my outdoor life. Since my work is inspired by all things organic, such as colors, textures, and landscapes I really need my outdoor time.

The New Mexico landscape is so open, untouched, raw, brutal and simultaneously soft that people here are humbled by this natural environment, which humans do not control. From the dry desert in the south to the high mountains in the north, coupled with the everchanging weather and low population, New Mexico offers the perfect combination for nature lovers.

I considered renting an artist’s studio in New York City 20 years ago and the need to be surrounded by nature was more of a ‘must’ to me than the studio itself. Needless to say I did not stay."


What’s on your in-studio playlist?

"I listen to scientific documentaries in French as well as old American Blues, but the music I enjoy the most originates in Africa. Ali Farka Touré comes to mind.

The deep rhythms accentuated by their relationship to the four primal elements resonate with the logic of my work. I can feel the origins of humanity and the strength of the earth through this primitive music."


If they made a movie of your life, who would you want to play you?

"Russel Crowe comes to mind because I would like to be the actor who plays his life."


What is your favorite work from another artist in your home? Could you show us a photo?

"One of the walls in my house has an accumulation of hundreds of photos from over 30 years of stories and memories. It continues to grow with time. This was not created by me or another artist, but is simply a live and ever-evolving masterpiece that is everyone who visits favorite piece."




































If you could steal one famous work of art, which piece would it be?

"The Eiffel Tower, because I would become so famous…"


If you were not an artist, what do you think you would be?

"I would love to be a detective. The combination of having an array of constant challenges coupled with the techniques of conducting research both in solitary form and in a team dynamic, the feeling of accomplishment after having solved a mystery is thrilling. "


What’s your drink of choice?

"Pastis. Pastis is the essential companion of Mediterranean culture. For someone who grows up in Provence, just as Ouzo is for the Greeks, Sambuca for the Italians, Pastis is so much more than an alcohol, it is the smell of the south of France. It is the drink you never consume by yourself and only with friends. It is synonymous with a good time, laughs and hugs."

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