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Atlanta, Georgia

She received her MFA from Georgia State University, and has been featured in numerous publications throughout her career, including Vanity Fair, Vibe Magazine, Atlanta Magazine and Genre Magazine. Leibowitz was awarded a Polaroid Foundation Products Grant and has continually participated in local and national photography exhibitions.

Leibowitz captures the human condition through the images in her photography. Her early work deals with issues surrounding idealized beauty of the classical male nude. These highly sensual and often provocative images present youth in all of its vigor and prowess, paradoxically blind to its own mortality. Harriet's later work delves into the male façade and the role of gender in self-identity. Every photograph captures the inherent internal beauty of the human being and its need for self-expression. The mixture of apparent opposites offers the viewer a context in which to explore their own assumptions and perceptions about beauty.

Leibowitz's work can be found in several public and private collections including, The High Museum of Art, Atlanta; Birmingham Museum of Art, Alabama; Four Seasons Hotel and Residence, Atlanta; Sir Elton John Photography Collection; IBM Corporation, New York.

16gold dust.jpg
Gold Dust, Archival digital print, 20 x 30"


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