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b. 1978

Fabiola Jean-Louis is a Haitian born fine artist and photographer currently based out of Brooklyn, NY. She attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where she majored in illustration, but realized that her passion for the arts encompassed several fields.

It would be years until Fabiola discovered her love and talent for photography. Her use of the photographic medium allows her to seamlessly blend magic with the mundane in order to bring unseen worlds out of hiding. With a style that is haunting, moody, dreamy, magical, and mysterious, along with her talent for visual story-telling, Jean-Louis stands out as an artist to be watched.

Her most recent series, Rewriting History, is a haunting photographic essay, in which Jean-Louis has created paper sculptures styled to mimic garments worn by female European nobility between the 15th - 19th centuries. The series speaks to the shocking treatment of Blacks throughout history and the trauma inflicted on their bodies as juxtaposed with the abstract idea of Black freedom. Rewriting History seeks to reconnect viewers to the past so that parallels with current events are amplified.

Conquistador II
Conquistador II, Archival pigment print on hot press bright paper


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