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Resides in Grayson, Georgia 

Unfettered Joy 30x40
Unfettered Joy , acrylic on canvas, 30 x 40, GG 1001

Gwen Gunter’s art practice spans representational portraiture and landscapes as well as the geometric minimalism of her current  work.  Moving to abstraction from objective painting, shapes emerged that brought with them an unexpected vocabulary and meaning. Originally two shapes in opposition, informed by carefully selected color, these shapes have become the impetus of her painting practice.  The work continues to evolve as line becomes an increasingly important element in the dialogue making her work less flat and more dimensional.

A curved shape meets a rectilinear shape meets a solid line, and in the confluence an energy is released that informs and drives the painting.  The shapes appear intuitively and may layer, merge, coalesce or repel one another as they settle in relationship on the surface of the painting. Her painting process is both mystical and deliberate and has become meditative in its execution.

Gunter’s career encompasses both fine and commercial arts.  A graphic artist, illustrator, photographer and successful entrepreneur, she created a line of functional art items for the home decor, gift and apparel industries.
Today Gunter is a full-time painter based near Atlanta, Georgia. She works in acrylic on wood, paper and canvas, most often in series of a dozen or more paintings per collection.

Gunter earned a B.A. from Columbia College with further study at the Atlanta College of Art and Savannah College of Art and Design (Atlanta).


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