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Resides in San Jacinto, CA

Kimber Berry received her BFA from the University of Southern California in 1998 and her MFA from Claremont Graduate University in 2001. Since she began exhibiting her work, Berry has been in numerous group and solo exhibitions. As an abstract painter, she has captured the attention of the global art community with her explosively colorful, visually dense, multi-dimensional canvases and installations.

Berry masterfully integrates elements of the digital world and pure paint. Using digitally manipulated photographs of paint within her complex compositions, she creates a dance between the virtual world and the organic universe and challenges the viewer to discern between them.

The highly manipulated surfaces of her paintings illustrate how highly manipulated nature has become, and aims to raise important social questions as to how we live with nature.

Want to read more about Kimber Berry? Check out this exclusive In Studio With where we ask the artist about believing in ghosts, finding inspiration, and growing up in Los Angeles.

Kimber Berry
Painting Flowers in the Desert, mixed media on canvas, 60 x 48


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