Atlanta, Georgia, b. 1948

A photographer and wood turner, Benzur followed in his father and grandfather's footsteps and began taking pictures as a teenager. He studied art at Georgia State University until drafted into the Navy, where he spent four years as a photojournalist. For nearly 50 years Benzur has taken photographs of architecture and interiors and has become highly acclaimed for his commercial work. His fine art photography first began on his travels to and from assignments.

His recent work captures man made structures that appeared out of place with their rural surroundings. A tension is created by the juxtaposition of such strong forms within the natural environment. However seemingly incongruous, the elements of concrete and nature come together with the artist’s clean, balanced compositions.

Benzur’s wood turned vessels compliment the basic elements and themes in his photography. Like the concrete structures, Benzur creates and forms his own shapes by turning the wood. Yet, the smooth and organic lines of the vessels contrast with his photographs’ sharp angles. The use of both media – photography and sculpture – emphasizes his desire to represent the beauty of nature, as it is manipulated by man’s presence.

3,Edition 25, AP, Archival print from film negative on sintra, 30 x 26", GB 1009