"Certain places inspire us to look at time in different ways.  Some can highlight the impermanence of all things, while others seem to evoke a sense of eternity.  Iceland is one of those places."

Permanence VIII, oil on canvas, Jean Larson

On view now

This segment of In Studio With is a delightful treat. Alan Avery Art Company's sweetheart and veteran artist, Jean Larson, gives us a glimpse into her personal life. Don't worry... We are jealous too!
Since discovering the enchanted island of Iceland, Jean has found the temporal contrasts influencing her work. Her paintings are inspired by the species of lichen that cover the coasts and mountains of Iceland. "These are intricate worlds within worlds, each it's own universe of color and texture." Jean's solo exhibition "Permanence and Impermanence: Iceland a Land of Temporal Contrasts" is on view now through July 14th.  

1: What do you do in your free time?


JL: Wander and observe. Wherever I am in the world I try to set off everyday for a long walk and look around. I'm interested in getting close to really see what is there. Here in Iceland I've been known to stand over a frozen mud puddle or pile of rocks for quite a while with my camera in hand. The  locals think I'm mad! 

2: You have traveled extensively. What is your favorite city in the world? 


JL: It's a toss up between New York and Havana, Cuba. In New York, I don't feel like an alien. Havana is the most beautiful city I've ever seen. 

Nature Intended XXXIII, encaustic mixed media on panel, Jean Larson

On view now

3: What is your idea of happiness?

JL: 1) Landing in a foreign country. 

      2) Working in the studio. 

      3) Spending time with

          family and friends. 

      4) Cycling class at 6 am

Did you know:  Jean Larson created a mural in less than two days for her current exhibition at

Alan Avery Art Company

4: If you could give your 10 year old self advice, what would it be?


JL: Keep playing! 

Jean's perfect little studio in Iceland

5: What is your middle name?

JL: Jean. My given name is Shirlee. I was named after my mom, so to avoid confusion I have been called Jean from the beginning

6: What is the worst compliment someone can give your art?

JL: Many times I've heard "I love your shit.'" Not sure I like that. 

7: What is the craziest thing you have done in a hotel room?

JL: Life is crazy. So when I get to a hotel room, I order room service and tuck in where no one can find me! 

Permanence I, oil on canvas, by Jean Larson

On view now

View of Jean's village in Iceland; image courtesy of Jean Larson 

8: What is your favorite dish to cook?

JL: I really don't like to cook. However the most fun I have is when I start the gathering process. Here in Iceland, I'll head out with the bucket at low tide into the fjord and collect mussels. Once I get back to the kitchen they get cleaned and thrown in a pot. There's nothing like fresh mussels out of the sea. 

9: What is the biggest misconception about you?

JL: People think I'm calm. Not really. Especially now, with the politics the way they are. 

10: Have you ever been the subject of art?


JL: Yes, I've done some photo shoots when I was younger and have to say I'm happy that there wasn't social media around then! 

Hummingbird I, oil on canvas, Jean Larson

Balade dans la nature XXVI, oil on canvas, Jean Larson

Did you know: 

This is Jean's fourth solo show at Alan Avery Art Company. Her first two exhibits showcased contemporary florals while her third and wildly popular

exhibition was of her hummingbird series titled,

"1/500th of a Second".

2018 marks Jean's 20th anniversary at

Alan Avery Art Company. 

Jean's solo exhibition

"Permanence and Impermanence: Iceland a Land of Temporal Contrasts"

is on view now through July 14th.  

Polaroid of Jean in front of her mural