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If you had to listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be?
"Honky Tonk Heroes by Waylon Jennings."

What has been the craziest thing you’ve seen at an art show?

"Certainly one of the most powerful and craziest, in a mind-blowing way, was “Ghost”, a large installation by Kader Attia which I saw at the Centre Pompidou Malaga in Malaga, Spain. It consisted of 160 aluminum foil body casts of Muslim women kneeling in prayer, their bodies rendered as hollow shells, devoid of personhood or spirit."

You get to invite one famous artist over for dinner, who is it, and what are you making?
"Matisse, of course! I once read that Matisse was known to travel 40 miles to purchase his favorite croissants~~what a man of my heart! We could talk all evening about color, especially about the incredible power of ultramarine blue, while feasting on my legendary eggplant parmesan and drinking a nice Barbera d’Alba. We would enjoy a salad of baby escarole and treviso, dressed in my creamy vinaigrette. For a vegetable we would feast on young haricot verts. Oh! And for dessert, what else but a chocolate mousse!"

Do you collect anything? Could you show us a photo?
"My husband and I have a small collection of American black and white photography, which we treasure. Our collection includes landscapes by Ansel Adams and portraits by Frederick Sommer and Imogen Cunningham. One of our absolute favorites is this breathtaking portrait by Imogen Cunningham of Alfred Stieglitz in front of a painting by Georgia O’Keefe."

What are your guilty pleasures?

"Dark chocolate in any form, with a cappuccino, preferably in the afternoon in Italy or France!"

Which contemporary artists are on your radar these days?

"I love Anish Kapoor’s work! He continues to ravage my senses and knock my socks off. His work is saturated with color and materiality and surprise."

What’s the biggest misconception of you?

"Probably that I’m always all put together!"

If you could steal one work of art, and get away with it, which one would you choose?
"Bernini’s sculpture of Apollo and Daphne at the Villa Borghese in Rome. It might be tricky to get it out the door though!"

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Editors note: Can we come too??

That sounds amazing!

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