Current Exhibition

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ALAN AVERY ART COMPANY is proud to announce that it will be celebrating its 40 year anniversary this fall making it the oldest continually operating contemporary fine art gallery in the history of Atlanta. In his years of operation, Alan K. Avery has honored our most important milestones by selecting artists and exhibitions that he believed would have a lasting impact on visitors, collectors, the arts community, and Atlanta as a whole.


Using his influence in the Southern arts scene, Avery has made a mission to elevate women artists and bring to light racial favoritism that exists in our country. With the recent monumental changes that have been enacted, Alan Avery Art Company has dedicated the 40 year exhibition, titled, “Can You See Me Now!” to Black Women Artists from all over the world. From emerging to established, Alan Avery Art Company has curated a list of influential Black Women Artists spanning the past century to exhibit together in the gallery. Kara Walker, Fabiola Jean-Louis, Elizabeth Catlett, and Faith Ringgold are only a portion of the featured artists. Please join us on November 12th, from 7-10pm for a celebratory exhibition with special appearances and guest performances. RSVP list will be limited and invites will be sent out closer to the time of the exhibition.