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Current Exhibition

where will you go


ALAN AVERY ART COMPANY presents artist Peter Roux in his exhibition with the gallery,

where will you go.


OPENING RECEPTION - March 17, 2023 - 7pm

Exhibition continues through June 3 , 2023



Peter Roux resides in the Asheville area of North Carolina where he creates his imaginative and                distinctive land and sky scapes. Primarily a landscape painter, Roux also works in abstraction and enjoys pushing the two together, he says. "I see landscape and nature in my abstract work, and abstraction in my landscape, so the relationship is obvious and strong. In fact, for me, there's little distinction beyond the immediate form."


For this innovative collection, Roux explores the natural world, and how we experience it. He sees hiswork as pictures about juxtaposition - of things to other things, of image to experience, of us to the world around us. Roux says, "I'm interested in how we relate to the world, the outer spaces we take in. I use landscape as the entry for the work. Sky, water, place. I'm drawn to these spaces, but also drawn to how we experience them daily- particularly through images, and how the language of images informs that experience. Photography, film, the frequency of imagery- these intakes help define how we see the world around us. It's what we see, and how we see."

Roux unexpectedly takes landscape painting to a new level by imposing it on sculptural objects.

To view Peter Roux's work, click here.

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